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Instandsetzungsprodukte für stark beanspruchte Verkehrsflächen und LAU-Anlagen


SAPO EP-Grip adheres excellently on all mineral substrates due to its special composition. In this process, the excellent wetting capacity to the substrate is an essential feature.

SAPO EP-Grip is suitable for a binding material for rough surfaces on street and air traffic areas.

High air humidity and temperatures up to +5°C do not influence the curing process in quality. The frictional bonding between substrate, coating, concrete, screed or cement plaster is higher than the tensile strength of the hydraulic setting materials, on which the layer will be spread out.

SAPO EP-Grip is formulated with a polyamine hardener which is resistant to water, and modified on the basis of a 100% reactive epoxy resin. It is unfilled, liquid and wetting-active.

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