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Betofloor Priming ANB L-50

BETOFLOOR Priming ANB-L50 improves the adhesion between concrete and compostion floor substrates for following layers of reactive, solvent-free artificial resins, epoxy resin mortar or repair material masses, concrete, composition floor, cement plater, asphalt (flex). It is employed as a bonding layer for poured trawled floors. Compensation-layers with EP course mortar and local concrete repairs with epoxy resin mortar, for bonding of old/new concrete and old concrete/composition floor.

BETOFLOOR Priming ANB-L 50 bonds excellently on all mineral substrates due to its special compositions. The excellent wetting capability to the substrate is a significant feature in this case.

High levels of humidity and temperatures up to 5°C do not influence the curing progress or reduce the quality. The non-positive bon between substrate (tear strength at least 1.5 N/mm²), coating, concrete, composition floor, cement plaster or asphalt (flex) is greater than the tensile strength of the hydraulically bonding materials which are placed on the “bonding layer”.  The hardened BETOFLOOR Priming ANB-L50 is resistant to shock and impact, chemically resistant, water impermeable with corresponsing layer thickness, oil and grease resistant and it can resist benzene and kerosene.

Technical product information

Technical product information

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