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Instandsetzungsprodukte für stark beanspruchte Verkehrsflächen und LAU-Anlagen

Betofloor OSS-F

BETOFLOOR Coating OSS F is hard, abrasion-resistant, shockproff, liquid-sealing and resistant against de-icing salt, oils, greases, fuels and lubricants, as well as industrial detergents.

The coating can be overrun with heavy vehicles after only 12 hours at +15°C.

After a hardening time of 7 days at 20°C, the optimal final properties are achieved, which are characterized in particular by abrasion resistance and flexibility.

The BETOFLOOR Coating OSS F is used as a D1/D2 system on air traffic surfaces, in accordance with BFR 9021.

Technical product information

Technical product information

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